Who’s writing this stuff?

I loved Star Trek first.

Then Superman.

Then Christ. And I love Him most of all.

But I see how these geeky comics and shows and books were preparing me for accepting Christ for who He is – the one and only God of the universe, creator and rescuer.

So now I’m writing about all my favorite shows and comics to demonstrate how closely they do reflect that true story of Christ.

If you wanted to comment on something I wrote, go right ahead.

If you’d prefer, you can email me: geeksofchrist@gmail.com

I’m Mickey. I hope you like Geeks of Christ!

6 thoughts on “Who’s writing this stuff?

  1. I really like the site, I’m a Geek who loves God. I have been trying to work a site geeky, faith based and kid friendly myself, if you have time check it out. OpiePride

  2. Just found this. I’m going to have to explore and read more. If you haven’t already, come over to my site and look for my Star Trek Devotionals – I haven’t worked on them for a while, but I’m thinking that I’ll put more effort into them next year.

    • Hi Ben, thanks for reading!

      I have read your Star Trek devotionals and they’re great!

      Hey everybody, check out Ben’s site. It’s a great read, filled with necessary challenges to the modern Christian.

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