Geeks of Christ Presents…June 8, 2012

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, whatever from around the web. 

Comic Book Casting: The Adam Strange Movie

by Chris Arrant

If only.


This is a really fun weekly thing done over at iFanboy, my favorite comic book site. It’s the sort of fantasy football for nerds. Anyway, I really like his choices, particularly Felicity Jones. My wife and I recently watched her in Northanger Abbey. Just gorgeous – the movie, the players, the costumes. Everything. Highly recommended. And she demonstrates an ability that would translate well in an Adam Strange film, should one ever be filmed.


by Scott Higa

The Christian Nerd is gearing up for Prometheus this weekend by taking a look back at the Alien franchise.

There weren’t a lot of likable characters in Alien other than Ripley and the cat; and Ripley risking her life to save the cat was one of the most confusing aspects of the first film. Having Ripley interact with a little girl, Newt, brought a relational element that was missing from Alien.


I’ve been listening to this sermon series on Jonah. Driscoll’s away and the campus pastors of Mars Hill provide the teaching here.

As usual, James Harleman tells a great story and lets Scripture pierce my heart. I recommend checking it out.

What Ray Bradbury understood about innocence and loss

by Andy Rau

Of course, Ray Bradbury passed away this week. You can take your pick of obituary. This one touches on a few of the spiritual aspects of his writing.

Bradbury had an eye for aspects of spirituality that escape most authors, Christian or otherwise. For one, he acknowledges the genuine attractiveness of evil, while also recognizing its ultimate emptiness.

A Tale of Two Cities

And finally, I recommend Paul Adams’ brilliant reading of Dickens’ masterpiece. It’s free. He’s awesome. The book is nearly excellent. Listen to it.

And then watch the Ronald Colman movie version.

And, for all you nerds, if you haven’t ever read this book, your Star Trek II experience is definitely lacking!