Star Trek – the new TV show

Here’s a little clip I made, imagining the Star Trek TV show JJ Abrams might have made had he not taken Trek back to the cinema.

Enjoy! And just imagine the Alias-like twists and turns a JJ-produced Trek TV show would have.

If Trek did come back to TV, what would you like to see? Another reboot? A new sequel show set after the TNG era? Something no one else has thought of? (If it’s Star Trek: Intergalactic Espionage, forget it. I already came up with that when I was like, 10.)

2 thoughts on “Star Trek – the new TV show

  1. I don’t think another reboot is the answer.
    But I do think that Trek is best suited for TV so that you can get the range necessary for good Trek–balancing conflict, enemies, but also exploring and hope for humanity.

    There were some great proposals for a new Trek show that involved taking another “jump” into the future similar to the leap between TOS and TNG. One was a proposed animated series. Another was for a new live action series.

    Both revolved around either a Post-Federation galaxy or where the Federation had lost influence. Essentially it would try to get back to the “wagon train to stars” idea. The galaxy would be a lot less safe, and the new Enterprise would be once again on the frontier of space.

    Thought those ideas, which were over on had potential.

    • IIRC, the animated post-TNG show was the brainchild of Bryan Singer. Of all the potential Trek shows, that sounded the most promising.

      If the franchise ever did return to TV, I think it would have to live in that very tricky tension between being cool and being true to the spirit of the original.

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