After Star Trek

What is the most Trek-like thing after the Original Series?

The Original Series is Star Trek at its purest. Everything that’s come after it builds on it. And, after twelve movies, nearly seven hundred TV episodes spread across five spin-off/sequel series, and a staggering number of books and comics, Star Trek grew in surprising directions.

I love the spin-offs. I love the reboot (well…).

But which of these recaptures what the show was? For my money, the spirit of the original Star Trek is most vivid in the 25th Anniversary computer game.

I know I know. But have you played this?

I’ll never forget hovering over my dad at his desk, watching him try out the new Star Trek game. Way back in 1991! With all its beepy-boopy versions of the TOS score, we felt like we were watching one of the old episodes. Here’s when we knew this wasn’t just a cash-in on the Star Trek brand name:

Years later, I discovered this could be played (on computers with more sophisticated sound cards than we had) with the voices of the original cast! From what I understand, the sequels to this project (one completed; one abandoned) were the last projects to involve all seven original cast members. That alone puts this series in the history books.

It would be easy to dismiss this game as a goofy relic, with stubby little figures and awkward space battles. But the stories are what elevate this thing. They are so reminiscent of the types of stories featured on the show. transp

Every last detail was held up to the light of TOS. The roles and behaviors of each member of the crew are spot-on. The music, as I mentioned, replicates the ambience of the show.

The stories, voice-acting, and attention to detail are so fun, you could almost just watch a walk-through of the game and pretend you’re catching the fourth season that we’ve all dreamt of:

What post-TOS book/comic/movie/game/show do you think best captures the spirit of the classic Original Series?


What dost thou think'st?

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