My favorite Star Trek movies. 10th choice!

Here is my 10th favorite…or 3rd LEAST favorite Star Trek movie:

Star Trek Into Darkness

What more can I say? This is a bad movie, with a few redeeming qualities.

I think I can quickly summarize what I hate about it: This movie expects viewers to be invested in characters based on the foundation of old Star Treks and then lamely recreates favorite climactic scenes from those same old Star Treks. These recreations might be powerful for the uninitiated, but then they would lack the foundation necessary for emotional investment in the characters. For fans, who have these scenes memorized, these recreations are about as dramatic as cosplayers play-acting at a convention.

Here’s what I like:

Cool ships doing cool things.

The score was better this time.

The list so far:

The Wrath of Khan

The Undiscovered Country

The Voyage Home

The Search for Spock

The Motion Picture

First Contact

Star Trek



Into Darkness

2 thoughts on “My favorite Star Trek movies. 10th choice!

    • My favorite piece from the STID score is probably the music for Mickey, from Doctor Who. It’s a soft, elegant piano piece. Really beautiful.

      As for the 2009 score, I admit that I don’t care for it. My friend and I have spent a few hours lamenting its overuse of the main theme. (I believe it’s called “Enterprising Young Men.”)

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