Non-Review Review: Star Trek V – The Final Frontier

I meant to write during my free time today. Instead, I caught up on Mr Mooney’s excellent Star Trek reviews.
This guy’s a one-man blogging army. You know that one movie you saw? He’s reviewed it. Comics, TV, franchise retrospectives…I can’t recommend his blog enough! Big fan here.
His reviews of the Trek movies are especially good.

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This August, to celebrate the upcoming release of Star Trek: Into Darkness on DVD and blu ray, we’re taking a look at the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast. Movie reviews are every Tuesday and Thursday.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is not a good movie. There’s really nothing that can be excavated from the film that might redeem it. It isn’t a misunderstood masterpiece. It isn’t an insightful diamond in the rough. It’s just a bad film, the one which forms the cornerstone of the “odd-numbered Star Trek films” curse. It’s indulgent, pretentious and narrow-minded. It tries to blend a world-weary cynicism with an ill-judged and mean-spirited sense of humour.

Despite being shorter than Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, it feels remarkably longer. It feels like a rather halfhearted attempt to recapture the spirit of the television show – oblivious to the fact that the…

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4 thoughts on “Non-Review Review: Star Trek V – The Final Frontier

  1. “There’s really nothing that can be excavated from the film that might redeem it.”

    Not your words, I know, but are you posting with approval? It’s not a great movie, I grant you, but neither is this statement accurate. At least in my opinion (I guess it’s a judgment call). Especially from a Christian p.o.v., there is, if not exactly good theology in ST V, some gropings toward good theology, especially in the matter of rejecting false gods/images of God.

    • Not my words, true. To be honest, I posted this one because it’s the most recent movie review, with all the links to reviews of the previous films of the series. (His review of A Voyage Home is my favorite.)

      As for the movie being irredeemable, I disagree with the author. There is a fan-edit that trims the movie down to a swift 63 minutes, removes Goldsmith’s cinematic score and replaces it with the more appropriate TV incidental music. This fan-edit is quite good, and in my opinion, proves that the movie has at least that hope of being watchable.

      Though I disagree with that statement, his basic premise, that the movie suffers from flaws at every phase of production, is true.

      In all the articles and reviews I’ve read, I haven’t picked up on any religious/theological perspective, so the “…gropings toward good theology…” (love that phrase!) might not be important to the author.

  2. And, theology aside, some of the nicest Kirk-Sock-McCoy character work in the whole film franchise takes place in ST V.

    And, for my quatloos, ST VI is worse than ST V because it commits some really grievous character assassination. But that’s for another day!

    • The Kirk/Spock/McCoy stuff feels mostly strained to me. The campfire scenes, the El Capitan scene, and the turbolift scene all rub me the wrong way. They might seem to fail because they’re couched inside a movie that generally rings false.

      The one sequence I find somewhat moving is the test of Spock’s and McCoy’s loyalties. While it’s deeply flawed, it’s just so nice to see McCoy and Spock side with their old friend, the Captain.

      I am really excited to hear a negative review of STVI. From our youth to this day, my original real-world Star Trek friend and I quote that movie more than any other episode in the entire franchise. I’m sure that nostalgia like that places a part in my high esteem, my critical mind found much to enjoy in the last viewing…which was 3-4 years ago. And, besides my deep nostalgic love for The Final Frontier doesn’t do much for me these days.

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