Superman: From Birth 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here’s the next installment of the Superman movie I wrote as a teenager:

frombirth-page0043 frombirth-page0044 frombirth-page0045 frombirth-page0046 frombirth-page0047 frombirth-page0048 frombirth-page0049frombirth-page0050
frombirth-page0051 frombirth-page0052 frombirth-page0053 frombirth-page0054 frombirth-page0055
frombirth-page0056 I love the scene in Superman 1978 when Clark is introduced to the team at the Daily Planet. Some of my favorite big screen Superman stuff is in those moments of Clark following Lois to the elevator. The tone was borrowed for John Byrne’s Man of Steel comic, which I’ve read about 100 times. And, which served as the initial inspiration and primary source for most of anything I’ve ever written down concerning Superman.

Next time: Superman goes public!


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