Superman: From Birth 3

Part 1

Part 2

Here’s the next installment of the Superman movie I wrote as a teenager:

frombirth-page0019 frombirth-page0020 frombirth-page0021 frombirth-page0022 frombirth-page0023 frombirth-page0024 frombirth-page0025 frombirth-page0026 frombirth-page0027 frombirth-page0028 frombirth-page0029 frombirth-page0030 frombirth-page0031 frombirth-page0032 frombirth-page0033 frombirth-page0034frombirth-page0035
frombirth-page0036 frombirth-page0037 frombirth-page0038 frombirth-page0039

frombirth-page0042Can you tell I was into John Byrne’s version of Superman?

I have to admit, some of this is hard to read. I’m presenting these with a strict ‘no editing’ policy, so I can only smile at some of my fumbles and be encouraged that I’ve probably improved.

Next Time: More on the Mystery Man of Metropolis!


9 thoughts on “Superman: From Birth 3

  1. This is really quite good. I know the feeling of being embarrassed to read one’s own juvenalia, but I am still impressed with how (at least as far as I can tell) you were (still are?) so at ease with the screenplay format. It’s tough, the very few times I’ve tried scriptwriting.

    I love that Krypto is in your version! Is Ardora Luthor part of established mythos, or your own creation?

    • Thanks!

      I’m enjoying revisiting this. It’s familiar the moment I read it, but I can’t really anticipate what’s going to happen next. That distance keeps my reading mostly objective.

      I love screen-writing. It suits my attention span and my visual imagination.

      As for Ardora: I had to look her up after reviewing this screenplay! She is a part of the comics. She was Luthor’s wife on that planet where he was a hero and Superman was hated.

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