Superman: From Birth 2

Part 1

Here’s the next part of Superman’s adventures through my teenage years:

frombirth-page0009 frombirth-page0010 frombirth-page0011 frombirth-page0012 frombirth-page0013 frombirth-page0014 frombirth-page0015 frombirth-page0016 frombirth-page0017 frombirth-page0018A million what?!?!

(It’s pieces. Krypton blew up into a million pieces.)

A lot of the dialogue between Jor-El and Lara is lifted from the old newspaper comic strips.

Next time: SMALLVILLE!


10 thoughts on “Superman: From Birth 2

  1. So, I like the script. I didn’t realize you actually wrote it, until I finished this post and noticed in the preceding one that you were the author. Very good.

    Even so dost I think’st.

    • Thanks!

      I did write it. But that was more than a decade ago. So reading it now is like a weird blend of total familiarity and total otherness.

      Anyway, thanks for reading, commenting, AND enjoying!

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