Dug up some old stuff… (Superman: From Birth 1)

Anyone want to read the Superman movie I wrote when I was a teenager?

Well, I’ll be posting it anyway.

I read this opening scene and was a little impressed with myself. Frankly.

Here’s the first part:


frombirth-page0004frombirth-page0005frombirth-page0006frombirth-page0007frombirth-page0008Was I little heavy-handed on the Biblical parallels? When I just re-read this the other day, I was embarrassed by that line. But after seeing the new movie, maybe I shouldn’t feel self-conscious about telegraphing the symbolism.

Next time: KRYPTON!


13 thoughts on “Dug up some old stuff… (Superman: From Birth 1)

  1. Well, since you asked – the biblical stuff is a bit much, yeah. But I don’t think you have to be embarassed about any of the rest of it (and, as you point out, spotlighting the Christ figure stuff attracts lots of filmmakers). I *love* the idea of putting Jerry and Joe onscreen. In my review of “Super Boysl” over at the SFC (http://thescifichristian.com/2013/06/book-review-super-boys-by-brad-ricca/), I mentioned how well I thought their story would translate to the screen. Great minds think alike, eh? (And fools never differ! )

    This is very impressively done, especially considering you were a teen. (When was that, may I ask, at the risk of feeling old?) Have you written many scripts? Any produced?

    Looking forward to reading more!

    • I wrote three … maybe four, when I was a teenager (1997-2004). I wrote a couple (in my mind) Breakfast Club-type scripts. This Superman one was part of a school project, so it’s the longest and most polished.

      Nothing I’ve written has ever been produced. Yet!

    • And thanks for reading!
      I’ll be posting another part every Monday and every Friday. There are ten parts in all.

      And I’ll warn you: things drag a bit in the middle.

      • Hey, as they taught me in drama and in preaching class, never apologize in advance! Let the audience/congregation be the judge (well, in the latter case, God, too, of course…) 😉

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