The Walking Dead, 1×01

Rick leaves his world of comfort and routine and is awakened in a world where death reigns. This new world is populated by beastly versions of people, who only want to destroy and fill their bellies. Rick’s mission is to find, possibly save, and protect his unfaithful, estranged wife.

I guess that about does it for this week.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead, 1×01

  1. I watched and enjoyed the first season, but I think I have a limited appetite for such things, so haven’t stuck with it. I’m ready for a little less dystopia in pop culture!

    • I hear ya, brother.

      I finally broke down and watched The Hunger Games movie. I had to watch it in two parts. That was the first movie since The Passion of the Christ that I couldn’t sit through in a single sitting.

      Walking Dead was watched, and read, in parts too. After a 2 year break, I decided to go back and see where the TV plot went. Though it’s sometimes hard to sit through, I couldn’t resist exploring the world a little more. It’s nearly pre-Christian in its tribal kingdoms, brutality, and cultish religions. At the very least, that world and its stories can reflect the story of Christ, His coming, and His victory in a way that’s probably more straightforward than other genre fiction.

      But I hear ya. I’ll do my best to keep the Star Trek and Doctor Who fires burning for those not into the undead scene.

      • Hey, write what you want, that wasn’t meant as a criticism of your blog!

        I actually enjoyed “The Hunger Games,” books and film (although the first book is the best, and I anticipate that’ll be true of the films, too. The idea loses some of its visceral power to stun and provoke as the series wears on). I think there are a lot of important things to discuss in that series — social inequality, when is a society morally bankrupt, what our entertainment choices say or don’t about us, war and peace, politics and power. I think the meatiness behind the “kids killing each other” premise makes it fairly worthwhile. But, yeah, it’s like a gut punch a lot of the time.

      • Didn’t read it as a criticism. Just took it as a chance to think over the wisdom of reviewing a show that could offend my readers.

        I decided to take the risk. That’s what this blog is all about!

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