I haven’t seen movies you people wouldn’t believe

I have the house to myself this weekend. What should I watch?

I was planning on binging on Walking Dead and some fan edits. But maybe I could catch up on some things that I missed. I started making a list of movies that I haven’t seen that many versions of my peers take for granted.

Here are some of the ones I have missed, just off the top of my head:


We watched a lot of old movies when I was a kid. I don’t watch older movies as much nowadays, which makes me kinda sad. Anyway, my dad’s favorite actors typically determined which movies we watched. So Cagney. We watched a lot of Cagney.

My wife bought this one a month ago, or so. We started watching it last Friday. Big mistake. If I’m asked to pay attention to anything for longer than 30 minutes on a Friday night, I am asleep by minute 31. Gorgeous music, cinematography, and script!

My wife loves this movie. I think my aunt might be named after somebody in it. The Civil War has always kind of bored me. Maybe growing up so near to Gettysburg, I had my fill early on (or, more likely, wanted to separate myself from those around me). And none of the actors hold much more than a passing interest for me. Even if I fail to watch this movie today, tomorrow is another day.

Just watch it already.


A lonely guy on a spaceship or something. Directed by the son of one of science-fiction’s greatest artists (that’s right). Starring one of the most dynamic performers from the last decade of cinema. And I haven’t watched it yet.

Danny Boyle.

I’m not a huge James Cameron fan. Terminator 1 is his best movie. Terminator 2 serves as the example for what’s gone wrong with action movies. Aliens is fun, but it screwed around with a perfect movie and opened the door for the dumb AvP movies. Still, this film is a cultural milestone. If I’m willing to watch it only as a cultural curiosity, I think I probably should have watched it in a 3D theater though. Maybe they’ll show it again just prior to the sequel’s release.

This might be the most embarrassing entry on the whole list. My favorite movie of all time is The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, by Terry Gilliam. Time Bandits, Brazil, and The Crimson Permanent Assurance are among my other favorite movies. Gilliam is kind of my cinematic hero. And I haven’t seen his time travel movie. Shame. Shame. I’m thinking the cast is part of my problem. Gilliam filled his fantasies from the 80s with strange, Python-friendly, under-known casts. This one has Brad Pitt? No thank you. Bruce Willis? He’s alright, but he’s quite a different flavor than Jonathan Pryce or Michael Palin. Still. It’s Terry Gilliam’s time travel movie. Watch it already.

Ones that my generation won’t shut up about (and if you’ve spoken to me about these, I’m not singling you out. Every one of these has been stressed to me by more than one party.):

Never had an interest. A couple of superstars in a psychological thriller? Sounds very boring. That combination worked in the 60s and 70s, but not the 90s. The Usual Suspects is the one example that comes to mind, but those guys were really a mix of post- and pre-superstars at the time. I probably won’t ever watch this. I mean, besides already knowing the ending, watching famous people for 2 hours would probably just put me to sleep.

Maybe if I’d had a regular college experience, I would have seen this by now. I feel as though I have seen it though, idiots in high school constantly quoting it. I’ve seen bits, and it’s no Goodfellas.

I’ve heard it’s good. My wife saw it and hated it. I love sci-fi and I love existential questions. I mostly hate slick Hollywood productions. Even though it’s a slightly oddball premise, it’s still made by the system. Which means it’s probably sanitized in all the wrong places.

I’ve seen a few subsequent Shyamalan flicks. Not impressed enough to go backwards.

Looks good, but I feel like I missed the boat on this one. Like, its charm came from these two unknowns writing and starring in their own movie. Maybe I’ll catch it someday when my wife’s feeling nostalgic for a good 90s flick. I never saw that other one with Robin Williams either. I can’t remember the name, and I don’t feel like looking it up. He’s a teacher and he stands on the desk I think.

I’ve seen Toy Story and its most recent sequel. But I haven’t watched the others. I didn’t think that was any big deal until friends starting talking about going to see whatever the new one was at the time. To be honest, I was like, “That’s not normal.” But it turns out that I’m the abnormal one. Other people commented on these movies, particularly the ones from Pixar Studios.

I have seen two of the Toy Story movies and I accidentally watched Brave (uncles do that sometimes). I’m still a little baffled by the appeal these hold for adults, but I’m willing to be convinced. None of the others look interesting to me, but I more or less trust the opinions of a few of the people that recommended them. Maybe I’ll give Pixar another shot.

Yep. Don’t know how I missed this one.

Like many, I assumed I had my fill of zombie comedies with the nearly-perfect Shaun of the Dead. Unlike many, I allowed that judgment to dictate my viewing choices. I’ve heard from many a’trustworthy viewer that this film is worth checking out.

Never read the comic. Never felt the need for Hollywood to teach me about social liberties. Alan Moore is better when he’s not preaching.

Seems like I should get around to these at some point:

The good zombie flick, right? I wouldn’t mind watching this at some point. Will it hold up in a post-Walking Dead world?

The third Danny Boyle movie on this list. I don’t think I would ever choose to watch this if I had the TV to myself for 2 hours. And I don’t think my wife would ever be interested in watching it. So, unless somebody can convince me, I’ll probably never see this.

That’s enough for now.

Which do you recommend?

And, as long as we’re confessing, are there movies you feel you should have seen?


2 thoughts on “I haven’t seen movies you people wouldn’t believe

  1. Just my opinion, but AVATAR is an utter waste of time if you are not going to see it in the theater, in 3D. There is a paper-thin plot (ripped off of John Carter of Mars books) and virtually no characterization and a plodding pace. Yes, the visuals are fantastic, and I went out of the theater impressed – but I saw it on the big screen in 3D. If you are going to watch it at home in 2D, I predict you’ll be sorely disappointed. Watch one of the other fine entries on your list – or STAR TREK II (my usual house to myself go-to choice — which isn’t that often! But then I can crank up the volume for the *real* KHAAAN scream!)

    • My wife offered to watch the Star Trek movies as a series of double dates with our friends. So I’m not only free to have the TV to myself, but I don’t have splurge on Trek every time either!

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