Geeks of Christ Presents … January 18, 2013 Edition

Simulacra and Simile: This Post is Really, Like, Super Important

I’m going to focus on two characteristics about the German language that distinguish it from American slang, and reveal a particularity about American culture.

First, you have to listen to the entire German sentence to know what is happening! (Because the verb comes at the end. For instance, in the last sentence, the word “listen” wouldn’t come until the end).

The changing face of “nerds” (and autism) in popular culture

by Noel Murray

No, what bothers me is the hoariness of jokes about bespectacled weirdoes who know the details of every Doctor Who episode but will never know the touch of a woman. First of all, they’re about as cutting-edge as jokes about airline food. Second of all: Did you know that many autists find it uncomfortable to look other people in the eye, or to be hugged? So what’s the joke here exactly? That two recognized traits of people with autistic spectrum disorders—obsessive interests and difficulties with social interactions—are a thing that exists?

Perspectives: Regret And Hope ~ Press On

by Mickey Haist Sr

I don’t count regret to be in itself and bad thing, and I don’t count hope in itself to be a good thing – both regret and hope can be profitable, useful, and healthy when they are informed by reality.

Born of Hope

The above is a fan movie, based on some material from The Lord of the Rings books (the appendices of Return of the King, and various details revealed throughout the text of the books). The visual landscape that Peter Jackson established is revisited here, and faithfully. It’s a fan flick, so it looks shaky here and there, but the production quality is surprisingly high. Likewise is the story compelling and well-told.

My wife and I watched this last weekend and decided, un-popularly, that this prequel is superior to the Hobbit movie.


4 thoughts on “Geeks of Christ Presents … January 18, 2013 Edition

  1. Speaking of THE HOBBIT, your review disappeared (apparently) from your site before I had the chance to read it. Am I just overlooking it, or did it slip on the magic ring in its pocketses? I’d love to know your thoughts, even though I gather I liked it far, far more than you did (since, as I recall, your post was entitled, ”’The Hobbit’ Was Not a Good Movie”….)

    Have a great weekend!

    • I removed the review because I thought it was not in keeping with the “…of Christ” part of the blog’s title.

      My complaints were all derived from a critical viewing of the movie, and I hold to them. All the same, I originally presented them in a way that was overly harsh. So I removed it. I also wasn’t sure why I was trying to convince people to dislike something.

      If you’re really curious, I could send you a copy of it. The two basic problems I have with the movie are its gross stuff and Freeman’s performance.

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