Geeks of Christ Presents… January 4, 2012 Edition

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, whatever from around the web.

Star Trek : The Next Generation, Season One Reviews

by Darren Mooney

This is a great website. His reviews of movies and TV shows are always thoughtful. The author clearly engages with the arts in a way that I think we would all do well to emulate.

Anyway. The first season of TNG is reviewed in fresh and vivid terms on this site. Linked here is an article that overviews the entire season, having links for each individual episode’s review. It’s worth a look!

The Folly of Scientism

by Austin L. Hughes

Both in the work of professional philosophers and in popular writings by natural scientists, it is frequently claimed that natural science does or soon will constitute the entire domain of truth.

Along the same lines,

Peter Higgs criticises Richard Dawkins over anti-religious ‘fundamentalism’

by Alok Jha

“What Dawkins does too often is to concentrate his attack on fundamentalists. But there are many believers who are just not fundamentalists,” Higgs said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “Fundamentalism is another problem. I mean, Dawkins in a way is almost a fundamentalist himself, of another kind.”

Here’s a fun Quiz

Can you name the most frequently occurring words, by category, in the King James Bible?

And here’s a fun Twitter account, based on the mysterious villain in the upcoming Star Trek movie

John Harrison’s Twitter

John Harrison


3 thoughts on “Geeks of Christ Presents… January 4, 2012 Edition

  1. Hi Mickey. Just a quick thanks for the link, and a Happy New Year, and a very sincere thank you for reading along and discussing the first season of The Next Generation with me. Cheers!

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