What are trailers for?

The new Star Trek movie has a trailer out today.

My watching of it: to be, or not to be?

If a trailer is to convince possible ticket-buyers to become confirmed ticket-buyers, this new Trek is not for me.

Lately, it seems like these big franchise movies have trailers that are meant to announce the coming event. Prometheus had a boatload of viral marketing that built anticipation for the film. I skipped all that in favor of complete ignorance. I didn’t even know what actors were in that movie until I sat down in the theatre. I may have missed out on some extra enjoyment of the film had I participated in its ad campaign.

Dark Knight had a similar ad campaign that I didn’t have anything to do with.

Trailers seem to have evolved into a kind of Prologue for movies. You know you’re going to see the new Batman, Star Trek, Alien, whatever franchise movie. There might be a question in the minds of normal people, but fans know what movies they’re going to see two years in advance.

Whether I love or hate The Hobbit next weekend, I will be seeing Parts 3 & 4.

So when a trailer hits, I hesitate to watch it. I don’t want it to spoil the movie I already know I’m going to see. But these days, I wonder if skipping the trailer means skipping the Prologue.

Anyway, I haven’t come to any conclusions about what a trailer is for. I haven’t figured in the normal people quotient. (Can you even believe there are people that don’t know there is a new Trek movie?!)

What do you think movie trailers are for? Announcement? Prologue? Proof the movie won’t suck?


One thought on “What are trailers for?

  1. No particular thoughts on a trailer’s purpose, but do I think Benedict Cumberbatch with make a great villain (which I gather he is based on the upward-angled nature of his single clear close-up).

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