OK. So I watched it…

And I learned a few things.

Sherlock could be playing Gary Mitchell, Kodos, Khan, or some new villain. My money’s on Mitchell.

Alice Eve looks like she’s playing Carol Marcus. And she looks cute in the Star Trek world.

Except for that red planet Kirk and McCoy are running on, it looks mostly earth-based.

And, most importantly, there’ll be a “I have been and always shall be your friend” moment!

So what are trailers for? I’m choosing to use them as an overture. The themes of the movie are presented, hints at what is to come are presented. The whole thing has yet to unfold. The movie will have its own surprises. But now we’re in the mood.

always have been


4 thoughts on “OK. So I watched it…

  1. Tribble planet, huh? Maybe Cumberbatch is an evil-arse version of Cyrano T. Jones 😉 Looks like a reimagining of TWOK, mainly, but maybe with Gary Mitchell instead of Khan. I am going back and forth between the two. Either way, I will enjoy the film, I’m sure.

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