Things I like that should become Christmas presents. For me, or your friend. MUSIC

Andrew Peterson

Behold the Lamb of God

This is the album of the season. Andrew Peterson is fast becoming my favorite songwriter. His words are true. It was truth that first attracted me to music. I wasn’t interested in any music until I heard The Who. The truth in Townshend’s words hit me in a deep way. “See me, feel me, touch me, heal me,” echoed through the hollow parts of myself, like a radar finding the emptiness that needed filling.

The empty parts revealed, thanks to the words of Pete Townshend, I looked for something to fill them. “I tried to find the key to fifty million fables.” And I found that “key to fifty million fables” in Jesus Christ, physically filled by His Spirit at the moment I surrendered my life to Him.

Although the music of Townshend and The Who still resonates with me, I have a desire for a musical truth with more breadth. The spiritual nature of myself seeks nourishing from Christ in all forms. I can catch glimpses of Him musically in Townshend’s music, but I never engage with Christ directly in those songs. Andrew Peterson is a Christian, and he sings songs explicitly for and about Christ. In his music, I can find nourishment from Christ. As Scripture is sung, pondered over, wrestled with, and rejoiced over in the songs of Andrew Peterson, I get a chance to engage with Christ through music.

True music.


The Who complete Vinyl collection

I’m going to need everybody to pitch in to get me this.
I want it I want it I want it
I love The Who. I’m going to see them in December. I just read Pete’s autobiography. I have a gorgeous old radio cabinet that plays vinyl like a pro. It sounds like the musicians are right there with you! I have a couple of Who and Pete solo vinyls already. But the boxed set is just. too. cool.


That’s it really. I have a wide-ish range of musical interests. New stuff just doesn’t appeal to me. So here’s one new box-set from The Who and the classic Christmas album from Peterson. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


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