Things I like that should become Christmas presents. For me, or your friend. COMICS

DC Earth One

DC’s Earth One series of graphic novels are very accessible to the new or mildly interested comic reader. I still haven’t read Superman Volume Two (it’s brand new!), but the first volumes of Superman and Batman were pretty cool. The Batman one is especially cool. It’s easy these days to dismiss the origin stories of the big superheroes. We’ve seen it all before. It seems like a new reboot comes out every other year in the comics and the movies. These comics are quite refreshing. The origin stories are retold refreshingly, changing just enough to edge these costumed weirdos that much closer to reality. Or, at least a comic book version of reality you don’t see in Superman and Batman comics very often.

And, I love origin stories. I don’t get tired of hearing the same story over and over. After all, aren’t all stories just reiterations of the same basic Jungian narrative anyway? The Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige, etc.


The New 52

Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who


This was the comics event of the year. Star Trek and Doctor Who! Together!

I haven’t checked these out yet (I’m a wait-for-the-trade kind of guy), but they look amazing!


New Star Trek comics

Okay. These are super nerdy.
Episodes from the original series are retold as comic books using the countenances of the cast of the new movies.
I love stuff like this. Here are the first four bound collections. Four stories in each collection.


More New Star Trek comics

Here’s a smattering of other Star Trek comics that are now, or soon to be, available. I’ve read most of Byrne’s Trek comics and they are clearly put together by a man who loves the old show. The spirit of the show, especially that of the isolated first pilot episode, is well resurrected here.
And I just love the TNG comics put out by DC in the early 90s.


Wow. Phil Noto is a fantastic artist. I got this one for my birthday and it is a really great story to spend an evening with.

This is one that I’ve heard a lot about am anxious to get a copy!

I haven’t read any of these yet either, but they were recently recommended to me. My friend said they’re reality-bending, which is enough to sell me. That plus the gorgeous literary covers ensure I will have to at least give it a look.



These look cool!


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