The point of Time Was

The point of the last article was actually to announce that I’ll be publishing my NaNoWriMo this year on this very blog.

Don’t feel obligated to read it. I make it public only so I feel that accountability that comes from being in public.

If you like this blog though, I think you might dig the novel. Of course, it’s not written yet. But the story I have in mind is kind of fun. Since I’ll be writing it at such a furious pace, it will probably get pretty be-boppy as I go.

What do I mean by be-boppy?

Well, when I get nervous, tired, or embarrassed, I think I talk like a beatnik. I don’t. But at the moment, I think I do.

The novel will be chapterized into journal entries. Epistolary is the way to go with NaNoWriMo. Obvious breaks. Easy narration. Limited perspective.

This year’s effort is title Joshua’s Journal – about a smart fourteen year-old who goes to camp in 1990.

It will start appearing in this space in one week – November 1, 2012.

I’ll leave the whole thing up as I go along, and afterward. Though I will probably take the book down around year’s end (for my own reasons, alright?)

Check it out if you dare.

In case you were losing interest, here’s a photo of an impossibly handsome human.


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