Doctor Who : Boom Town. Guide for Parental Units of Geeks


I don’t recall any sex talk or violence.

The theme of this one is a little heavy. Heavier than usual. At the center of it all is a moral dilemma: take this lady back to her planet, where she will be certainly executed or let her live, where she will likely cause further harm to others.

Conversation starters:

Was the Doctor right when he wanted to take her back to her homeworld?

Was Margaret guilty of her crimes?

Should she have to answer for her crimes?

The answers to these last two questions is yes. She should be punished. What happens to her instead? (She is literally born again.)

How does her rebirth illustrate what happens when a person becomes a Christian?

Being found guilty, we should be sentenced for our crimes. But we are given a new chance.

What is the difference between Margaret’s rebirth and the rebirth a Christian experiences? (All the damage she caused in her first life remained and no one had to absorb the punishment. For a Christian, Jesus absorbs the repercussions of our sin. That is exactly how we can have a second chance at life.)


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