Doctor Who : Bad Wolf / The Parting of Ways. Guide for Parental Units of Geeks


Captain Jack acts up a little. He is a contestant on a makeover show at one point. He is seen shirtless, but he is understood to be completely nude.

He makes a rude comment about the bizarrely human anatomy of two robots.

The Doctor and Rose kiss at the end.

Conversation starters:

Have you ever felt like Rose before? She is trapped on earth, away from the exciting life with the Doctor. Have you ever felt like God was out of reach and you were stuck on boring old earth, in boring old school, with boring old homework?

How is the TARDIS like the Holy Spirit?

How is the TARDIS different from the Holy Spirit?

After encountering the Time Vortex inside the TARDIS, Rose healed and performed miracles in the name of the Doctor and by the power of the same Spirit which raises him from the dead. What power do Christians have that is similar?

Do stories like this help or do they hurt the believability of the Gospel?

Rose uses the ‘Bad Wolf’ message to alert the Doctor to her plan. How does God use a similar method? And what is God’s message?


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who : Bad Wolf / The Parting of Ways. Guide for Parental Units of Geeks

    • I don’t think they have anything in common intentionally. But I do believe that the story of Jesus Christ is the story that the universe was built to tell. And I believe that every story we tell somehow, even unintentionally, retells the story of Christ.

      That’s what this blog is all about.

      For example, the Doctor comes to earth from out of time and he brings unworthy companions along with him to witness deep truths and enjoy soaring adventures. Christ does the same thing. He entered earth from out of time (Heaven doesn’t have time the same way we have it). And Christ called forth people that others had rejected, like cheaters and prostitutes, to join him in witnessing deep truths and to eventually enjoy soaring adventures.

      That’s just one small way shows like Doctor Who inadvertently retell parts of the story of Jesus Christ. Of course, the people making the show don’t even have to be Christian when they do this. In the same way, people that aren’t Christian still believe in a moral law that’s encoded in our humanity. We quibble about the finer points, but everyone mostly agrees that killing is wrong, stealing is wrong, etc.

      Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you come back sometime!

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