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I’m taking the week off.

Regular Star Trek and Doctor Who reviews will start spilling out of me again next week. This week I’m taking it easy.

Two reasons for this: I am busy putting together notes for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Which is exciting.

Tell me it’s exciting.

If you like hastily-constructed novels, I’ll even let you read this book as I’m writing it. I can only assume that reading a crummy novel on a bizarre little niche blog is exactly how the three of you are hoping to spend your November.

Your wish has been granted. I’ll be presenting my NaNoWriMo entry here, every day, for the entire month of November. You’ll thrill at the adventures of Joshua, a teenager living in Nowheresville, 1990.

He might travel through time. I don’t know. It hasn’t been written yet.

Another reason I’m cooling it here at GoC for this week: I’m writing something else. Well, two somethings-else. No direct information will be given on either of these projects because they are collaborations and I don’t have the liberty to spill.

Both are cool concepts and require me to work with cool people.

And I might write another non-GoC thing or two this week also.



Sounds like I have a lot of writing to get to! Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves!

Check this space next Tuesday for the Geeks of Christ review of the Star Trek Original Series episode The Naked Time !

And, on Thursday, I’ll say some things about the return of Sarah Jane Smith in the wonderful and adorable Doctor Who story, School Reunion!


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