Doctor Who : Tooth and Claw, 2.02

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From Bad to Weres

Wolves, that is.

The werewolf acknowledges that Rose has something of the wolf in her, referring to her exposure to the Time Vortex, when Bad Wolf was her code word. What is it in Rose that the werewolf sensed?

Rose had experiences beyond what other humans have. The werewolf tried to use that fact to turn her to his side. See, in this story each character falls into one of three camps: believes in aliens and hangs out with the good ones, believes in aliens and hangs out with the bad ones, and refuses to believe in aliens.

This story is about spirituality. There is bad spirituality represented by the werewolves. There is good spirituality represented by the Doctor. And there is the denial of spirituality represented by the Queen.

There is no actual supernatural element in this story. In fact, there rarely is in the world of Doctor Who. The natural world is presented as the only world and events and persons we might consider supernatural, are revealed to be scientifically advanced or biologically different aliens. Even when a character that we regard as specifically existing within the supernatural world appears on Doctor Who, this character is demoted to simple physical existence.

For instance, the devil character in the Satan Pit is not a supernatural being. He is an alien. A powerful alien. But still a natural, non-supernatural creature.

Despite its lack of explicit supernatural content, this story, Tooth and Claw, represents supernatural truths.

The belief in aliens can be equated with the real world belief in the supernatural.

  • The Doctor believes in aliens.
  • The werewolf believes in aliens.
  • Queen Victoria does not.

The angel, the demon, and the atheist?

Of course the Doctor would believe in aliens; he is one. Same with the werewolf. If someone is from another planet, they will believe that lifeforms can live on planets besides earth. So the belief in aliens does not necessarily put you on the good guy team. Neither does belief in the supernatural make someone in our world necessarily good. Demons are supernatural too.

You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!
James 2:19, ESV

So when someone says they’re spiritual, a vague, un-Christian type of spiritual, they are not any better off than the atheist. In Tooth and Claw terms, the werewolves are on the same standing as Queen Victoria.

The atheist and the supernaturalist who allies himself to the wrong supernatural entity, are no better off than the other.

See, it’s not a matter of believing. Believing in supernatural stuff is no assurance whatsoever. Whether you’re looking for assurance of eternal salvation, or relief from guilt, or existential contentment. Whatever it is that draws you to religion will not simply be met by “going supernatural.” Believing is not the action needed. Remember, even the demons believe in the Real God. The action needed is proper identification of supernatural characters and once identified, allegiance given to the best one.

So from a strictly economic position, with which supernatural force will the most dividends be paid from an investment?

That might sound in poor taste. Ask the same question this way: Who is worthy? The very word worship is based on the same root as worth. So, who is worthy of allegiance?

Ally yourself with the supernatural equivalent to the alien werewolf in this episode, and you’ll get stomped just like he gets stomped. Ally yourself with any of the others of his kind and you’ll get stomped just as good. As you’re watching these demons being stomped, you should be thinking two things:

  1.  “A great number of demons seem to be getting stomped on. Perhaps this pattern indicates a demonic propensity for being stomped on.”
  2.  “Who’s foot is that?”

So you’ve decided to go supernatural and you’ve seen who the biggest and strongest supernatural figure is. I recommend going with Him.

Rose had something of the wolf in her. She didn’t have the option being an atheist. She had to go with the good aliens or the bad aliens.

Exodus Interlude

When the Israelites were leaving 400 years under Egyptian slavery, the One True God made a pretty simple request of Pharaoh. Maybe you remember it. “Let My people go.” And Pharaoh said no, so he, and his whole kingdom, got stomped on.

Finally, Pharaoh relented. He let the Israelites go. For about ten minutes. Then he sent his armies out to get ’em! And the Egyptian armies saw something like this:

And the Egyptian soldiers said, “Let us flee from before Israel, for the Lord fights for them against the Egyptians.” (Exodus 14:25b, ESV)

Even the bad guys saw the difference between good supernatural and bad supernatural. And they STILL went with the bad supernatural!

The Doctor, the Wolf, or the Queen? (Or: Jesus, the Demons, or Diagoras?)

So you see, it’s not a matter of just going supernatural. It’s not even a matter of recognizing good and bad supernatural figures. What needs to happen? GO WITH THE GOOD GUY!

When the Doctor says run, you run. When Yahweh, the One True God, shows up and says, “Follow me,” (Mark 1:17) or, “Lift up your staff, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it, that the people of Israel may go through the sea on dry ground,” (Ex. 14:16), what should be done? He should be followed! You should raise your staff and let Him do a miracle through you!

Jesus, Yahweh incarnate, doesn’t just want a belief in the supernatural. His enemies believe in Him. He doesn’t just want you to recognize that He’s the Most High. Again, His enemies already believe that one too.

He wants you to be on His side.

Even when Queen Victoria did start believing in aliens, she chose the wrong side. She did not side with the Doctor, the one good choice for alien allegiance.

Notice that in choosing which of the three belief systems is for you, there is nothing you actually have to do. You need only stand on the right side. If you stand with the demons, you’ll die and never know peace. If you deny all supernatural entities, you’ll die and never know peace. If you stand with Jesus Christ, you’ll die and live again. In peace.


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