Geeks of Christ Presents! September 14, 2012 Edition

The Gospel According to Roddenberry

by John Otte

“Oh, sure. There are divinities of a sort, such as Apollo or Trelane or Gothos. And let’s not forget Q. But by and large, religion doesn’t play much of a role in 23rd and 24th century society. The few times it does come up, it’s mocked (such as when the Mintakan people mistake Picard for a god, the belief of which is roundly snorted at by the Enterprise-D crew). Or it’s co-opted in odd ways.”

Life Lessons From Star Trek: The Next Generation

by Jayne Ricco

“I’ve found that we make the best decisions, the ones that properly take into account the very essence of ourselves, when we use both our head and our heart.”

Doctor Who Monopoly – 50th Anniversary Edition

by Paul, from Time Vault

Playing Monopoly with a Time Lord? It’s gonna be A Long Game!

But seriously, where’s the Kandyman figure?!


2 thoughts on “Geeks of Christ Presents! September 14, 2012 Edition

  1. I would say to Mr. Otte that I am not sure I agree religion is “mocked” in the Mintakan episode of TNG. To be sure, the crew is chagrined that “the Picard” is taken as a god; and, no question, the episode “preaches” that sentient beings are better off without religion, which is equated with myth (in the pejorative, non-literary sense) and superstition. But I think we folk of faith ought not to mistake a sustained, serious critique of religion – which I would argue this episode is – as “snorting” at the whole business. The episode engages the issues on a serious level, and deserves serious responses.

    Now I should go read his whole article so I have some grounds for spouting off! 😉

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