Geeks of Christ Presents … August 17, 2012 Edition

Haven’t done this a while…

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, whatever from around the web.

Okay. So what have I been reading?


Hmm…not much actually. Okay, not much material online. I finally read that kids book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I borrowed it from my nephew and read it in two sittings. Very charming. I guess I have a movie to watch now too. And I’m kind of excited to see the movie. Scorscese’s great peculiarity as a storyteller is to make the city a character. All of his best movies do this and it’s fun to see him use a city besides New York now and then. My favorite of his films is probably Age of Innocence, which is set in a New York a hundred or so years before his was born.
I’m very interested to see how he uses Paris.

Star Wars

I’ve dipped back into old Star Wars comics too. Now, my relationship with Star Wars is a bit strained. I was mildly offended by the prequel movies. To be honest, I really like certain parts of them. The simple underwater creatures know what’s right and decide to fight a war with an enemy they can’t beat appeals to me. Anakin slaughtering the Tusken Raiders in Ep. II, most of the third movie, Christopher Lee hamming it up as (what else?) an evil count. There are portions I hate, sure, but I really like them too. They don’t even even touch Empire with a ten-foot lightsaber, but they’re okay.
What drove me away from Star Wars was the cute toys. Lego Star Wars just bugs the heck out of me. Star Wars is already for kids (and kids at heart). Why dumb it down any more than it already is?
The plush toys and stupid commercials just pushed me off the edge and I haven’t looked at anything Star Wars in years (like 2-3).
The old Marvel Comics series beckoned me near. These pages provide me with that reckless adventure that is missing from the prequels. These comics are dangerous and mysterious, which are qualities that Lego Star Wars and its ilk are incapable of producing.
Sure they were dumb at times. And sure they had their own cute character I have to ignore (Apparently, I hate cuteness, by the way). But they were rough and rickety. Just like the old movies.
Not knowing where the story was going actually helps these comics. There is a sense of mystery and unknown still here. These days, the Star Wars universe is pretty well explored. There aren’t too many corners left to shine a flashlight into. “I wonder what the backstory is for the third Jawa from the left…”

With these comics, the movie was all anybody had. The novelization came first I guess, but there wouldn’t be another novel til 78 I think with Splinter of the Mind’s Eye (which I recall as excellent). So anyway, the comics started the process of investigating the world. Of course the big thing is that they didn’t know about Darth Vader’s identity (spoiler: he’s Luke’s dad).
Some dismiss these comics because they’re not canon and they’re not very refined. Those are precisely the reasons I love them.



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