Independence Day – Geek Style

Now that you’re stuffed full of hot dogs and potato salad, take a break and watch these sci-fi heroes explain what they think freedom is all about. Let them inspire you to take on another round of burgers and chips in the name of independence!

Let’s start this little video collection with some insipid schmaltzy garbage:

Slightly less stupid; several steps more inspiring:

Here’s a very inspiring speech from what may be Charlie Chaplin’s best film. Someone put some beautiful Doctor Who music behind it and it really enlivens the scene. (Beware the wonky theology in this video, I don’t agree with everything he says.)

To kick off the Star Trek portion of this list, here’s a little wisdom from a Q:

Picard takes on the eternally lovely Jean Simmons on behalf of Data’s rights:

Captain James T Kirk:


Thomas Jefferson wishes he had come up with this line:


What dost thou think'st?

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