Geeks of Christ Presents…May 18, 2012

Christianity and the Arts
by Jerram Barrs

This is a great overview of the concerns many thinking Christians have of art. Whenever I look over a document like this, I always check to see if the author stresses morality or beauty. This guy writes more about beauty – so I’m in.
I’ll be drawing a response to this sometime soon with the Geeks of Christ perspective. For now, here is the complete piece.

Let’s Call it Knostic, Shall We?
by Douglas Wilson

Here’s another piece that I’m recommending simply because I intend to respond to it. I will. I generally agree with, and am edified by, Wilson’s writings. This piece, however, might be read as a direct challenge to blogs like Geeks of Christ. Let me know what you think.

Many modern knostics have wanted to learn how to appreciate the arts of narrative. As far as that goes, nothing wrong with it, but whether writing about novels, or movies, or stageplays, they have found “redemptive” or “death and resurrection” themes in all kinds of grimy stories. In other words, an abstract thing, the structure of the story, is mysteriously able to sanctify the actual content of the story. By means of this amazing magic trick, any amount of Tarantino sludge can be made edifying.”

Unsolicited Advice from a Failed Filmmaker
by Joe Carter

On a much lighter note, but sticking close to the general theme of Christians engaging with the wider world of human art, here is Mr Carter’s list of rules for Christian filmmakers (and artists generally). This is actually what led me to Mr Wilson’s article above.
While I found this list funny and sometimes helpful, I was pretty annoyed at Rule 3, and expressed as much in the talkback. I’ve posted a snapshot of the conversation below. Feel free to tell me if I was wrong or misunderstood what he wrote. (I regret the inflammatory tone of my initial post. Yesterday, I read the Gospel according to St Matthew and was seriously convicted to be a better peacemaker – there’s not room in the Kingdom for my kind of anger and sarcasm.)

(Click to make bigger)

Scholars You Should Know
by Dr Jim West

West is starting an exciting new series on his website, Zwinglius Redivivus, profiling people whose “…fields will be biblical studies, archaeology, and linguistics along, of course, with Church History.  I hope that this series will introduce folk to one another and that those engaged in our beloved disciplines will perhaps discover someone with which to dialogue. “
Sounds cool. Take a look!


And I still haven’t seen The Avengers. I just haven’t had the time. So my internet time has been strategic – I don’t want any spoilers!! (Though I think I’ve heard 2 freakin big ones the day after the movie was released in America – D’oh!) To avoid spoilers, I’ve avoided websites that mention the movie. If I see those words, I’ll pull one of these:

Anyway. Have a great week!


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