Geeks of Christ Presents…May the 4th, 2012

Pretty big day for geeks of the earth.

First, and maybe less interestingly this year, today is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you)! But Star Wars is too cute now, with their terrible Lego video games and plush Teddy Vader dolls. So I don’t really care about that.

The big thing though is the American (finally!) opening of The Avengers.  Based on the comic book that the other guy plotted and illustrated, and that Stan Lee wrote the dialogue for. Lee’s getting plenty of publicity. Since you won’t see the “other guy” anywhere else, here’s a picture of him.

Now, onto the articles.

Avengers Assemble!

by Daniel at The Sci-Fi Christian

Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner and even Steve Rogers have all had to overcome their demons, primarily their egos, in order to find success on the battlefield and win the day for the light.  Tony Stark is a great example: on his own, the man is self destructive, unlikable and as much of a threat to others as a help.  It’s true, boys and girls, Iron Man is not perfect.

The Best Time Travel Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

by Jordan Hoffman

Three of you will be scandalized that Time After Time wasn’t included and four of you will agree with one joker who feels that anyone who hasn’t seen Primer yet has no business reading this site.

(Don’t) Grow Up

by John Van Sloten

Children are young enough and still humble enough to realize that what they know isnʼt everything there is to know.

Fiction & Literature: An Interview with Russell Moore

by Tim Challies

These authors don’t just present the dark side of human existence; they revel in it in a Nietzschean sense that I find disorienting and deadening. But just as dangerous as darkness-reveling, I think, are novels that are darkness-avoiding.

And a really neato interactive map of the universe

by Number Sleuth



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