Mystery in Space 54

Invaders of the Underground World

The Zeta-beam is due to strike earth exactly where an airplane happens to be passing through! Adam Strange, desperate to return to Rann and his intergalactic sweetheart and concerned for the sake of the airplane’s passengers and crew, uses his jet-pack to divert the course of the great sky-ship. The plane dodges the coming Zeta-beam and Adam catches it, sending him directly to Rann.

On landing, he’s approached by Rannians who are apparently coming to attack him. He deftly avoids capture, swooping and soaring through the green Rannian sky. Then is suddenly alerted to the true identity of his pursuers – Police officers from the City of Ranagar.

Because of his still-mysterious ability to travel between worlds, he is accused of breaking into a weapons vault. Adam denies this but believes a trial would better prove his innocence, so he turns himself in. But he’s trapped in a bubble from nowhere which descends further and further into the center of the world…

Turns out, the underground rock people took the weapons to test the strength of the surface-dweller’s technology. And now they’ve taken Adam to test the strength of the individuals. Satisfied with their supposed superiority, they decide to invade!

Adam is released. After all, what threat could one man pose against us?

On returning, Adam immediately begins assembling Ammonium nitrate weapons. He noticed the extremely hot conditions that the underworlders live in and reasoned that extreme cold could hurt them. He has to do this all in secret because he’s still a wanted man. So Alanna spreads the word that Ranagar will be attacked and as Adam arrives with the secret weapon all guns point at him!

Saved by the rock people! The battle begins!

The underworlders are beaten and warned that if they should ever try to invade again, they will be frozen solid. The Rannians that accused Adam apologize and he fades away, back to earth.

Adam stands between Rann and destruction yet again playing champion, representing the people of his adopted world. In this story he is falsely accused, literally descends to the underworld, and rises again to finally defeat the evil invading forces. And he goes back to his home, promising to return again.

Sometimes the imagery is so vivid, I think a summary will sufficiently expose the correlation between the story of the comic and the story of Christ. Adam, savior from the sky, arrives to claim his bride, descends to the underworld, represents his adopted people, and saves them.

Jesus, on the other hand, was a savior from the sky, who arrived to claim His Bride (the Church), descended into hell, represented His adopted people, and saved them.

Amazing Ark of Space

The Biblical imagery is pretty obvious in this one. In fact, it’s intentional.

Two earth astronauts discover a massive sleeper ship, 1000 miles long, in our solar system. Radioing home for instructions they learn that earth’s atmosphere is being sucked out by strange cosmic forces. Being in space, the astronauts are the only ones who can help. But what can they do?! (Maybe swing around the sun to back to 1986 and hilariously collect some whales?)

They decide to investigate the ship, finding 10 billion lives aboard, all asleep. Doing some quick xenophobic math, the one astronaut considers evacuating earth with this ship. Warning sirens sound, telepathically sensing dangerous thoughts aboard. They then learn that every sleeping alien is dreaming, to maintain brain activity. They’re all dreaming of their old life, as if they were still going to work and eating and everything. So the astronauts start whispering into their ears, telling of earth’s danger, inspiring dreams. They hope to find a scientist who can suggest a solution.

They “hear” the solutions devised by three different aliens (they can only hear three, so they have to take a chance) and discuss which is the most plausible. Settling on the one which suggests casting a great light into the sky, which would cancel out the destructive cosmic light coming from space.

This one really bends its story around the whole “light-against-light-makes-darkness” scienti-fact.

Anyway, if a story isn’t told honestly, but just to make a point, Geeks of Christ doesn’t work very well. So maybe there’s something to say about shining a light on the problem? I don’t know. This wasn’t a real story – it was just an excuse to show some spaceships and teach a science lesson.

Riddle of the Counterfeit Earthmen

Some other earth astronauts visit Titan for the first time, discovering a thriving culture. The aliens don’t believe their visitors are really earthmen, based on some weird estimations they made. Then, another space ship lands with aliens resembling the Titanians’ speculative earthman!

The real earthmen are being misrepresented and the Titanians are stubbornly holding to their preconceptions.

Now. This is starting to sound familiar.

Man oh day! Do we do this or what! This was actually one of the biggest problems that Jesus faced when he walked among men. The Jews at the time were so sure of what the coming Messiah would look like, what he would do, and what his purpose for coming was. They were so sure that they totally missed him when he did show up!

I believe the Bible to be God’s Word – but if it’s silent or mysterious on this or that point, I won’t just decide that I know what it really meant. No way. If I really count this book as God’s Word, I have no right playing fast and loose with it. A lot of folks bicker with each other about the end times. They base so much of their Christian life on shouting about when the world will end. Well, the Bible is kind of obscure about that. It mentions the event, sure. But it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

So why get all bunched up on a point you’re not sure about? I mean, those aliens looked pretty stupid for saying to an earthman, “Nope. You can’t be from earth because I worked out this system that tells me what you’re supposed to look like.”



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