Geeky through it all

My reviewing has gone on hold until my wife recovers (she’s using my computer as her sickbed TV and I would need more time blah blah blah. Point is: I can’t write the reviews).

I have continued to be a geek though! Late last week, I read through these fantastic online comics from an apparently English artist/writer. I’m not even sure what his name is :/

This is my favorite one here.

I’ve also managed to read a few more chapters of Gil Kane’s take on the King Arthur stories. Kane, my favorite of all comic artists, originally wanted to compose a long-form, one-off comic book telling the story of King Arthur. The big companies said, “No. Graphic Novels have not been invented yet.” So he wrote a novel with John Jakes. And it is good – so good!

But let’s take a quick peek at what might have been:

Ugh. Breaks my heart.

I’ve also managed to catch a few old Doctor Who shows. Starting with Castrovalva, I’m plowing through the Fifth Doctor’s run. I am really enjoying it. There is a lightness to Peter Davison’s version of the ancient Time Lord that is infectious. But even better, that lightness is challenged at the sudden loss of a young companion and the departure of another.

At her request,

my wife and I watched Iron Man 2 the other night. I was only mildly interested in checking this out, but ended up mostly enjoying it. If I had gone to the theatre expecting a good follow-up to the almost-excellent first film, I would have been way disappointed. But, expecting nothing, I found a few things to like.

I got a little lost somewhere in the middle. Tony was drunk at a party and his buddy showed up and just put the suit on? I was like, “Huh?” Then I was like, “Oh! He’s supposed to be Terrence Howard! He doesn’t even look like him.” Tony’s disappearance was too brief to be noticed without a whiny Pepper (whose stint as CEO was dull and unfunny) just announcing, “Iron Man has not been around for a while.”

The bad guy was alright. The first half was really good. That’s worth the price of admission. And it was cool to see Thor set up a little in this flick. And now I’m only one film (Captain America) away from seeing all the backstory for The Avengers. But I don’t anticipate looking at that bizarre pro-steroids remnant of propaganda anytime soon. (Tell me that description is wrong.)


On Saturday, the old movie theatre behind my house…this one:

…showed one of my all-time favorite movies. Time travel, comedy, weirdos, and fantastic costumes all present in this film:

We had a great time. My friends came over, we had some BTTF trivia, and discovered two of them had never seen this before! (They loved it. Obviously.) We dressed in 50s/80s gear. I wore my “life-preserver” vest. And I discovered that I’m a terrible cake artist. Anyway, you get the idea:


2 thoughts on “Geeky through it all

  1. Thanks for mentioning “Excalibur!” I am an Arthurian buff and have been since I was a kid, but I’d not heard of this book… now I’m going to have to find a copy.

    Also, I love your movie theater! How lucky to live right by a real movie palace like that!

    • The theatre is pretty great – they only show 5-10 movies a year though. Still, there aren’t too many theatres playing Marx Brothers movies ever!

      I’m a mild Arthur enthusiast. I’ve read a handful of books. I came to this novel via Gil Kane, of whom I am a more avid follower. I recommend it! It appears to play pretty fast and loose with established mythology, but very naturally (and thrillingly) dovetails into what we know.

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