My wife is in sickbay…

Sorry for the lack of new posts this week. Due to my wife’s freshly sprained ankle, I’ve added caregiver to my list of daily activities. A few other chores have also been added.

I hope to return to normal posting next week! Please pray for recovery for my wife, if you’re the praying kind!


4 thoughts on “My wife is in sickbay…

  1. Are you in Britain, then? I had no clue “Mr. Mom” was released as “Mr. Mum” elsewhere. It makes sense, but I still find it amusing. Hopefully that’s not too “ugly American” of me!

    • I’m in America. I just liked this poster best! I actually considered altering the ‘U’ but then I would’ve spent enough time on the post, which was written to explain my lack of time, to just sit down and write something!

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