Star Trek Voyager : Parallax 1.03


The Voyager crew is united for one purpose: to get home.

They come from wildly different political and social backgrounds. Their personal histories vary. Torres carries hurt from growing up among humans as the only Klingon. Tom Paris was just released from prison for a one-off space mission that’s stranded him on the other end of the galaxy. Tuvok has a wife and family at home. Chakotay worries about his mission with the Maquis. Harry Kim is just a kid, graduated from the academy and lost on his very first mission. Janeway’s first command trapped her far from home, and far from her beloved fiancé Mark.

These people not only have their own stories that compel them to get home, they also have reasons for the trip becoming unpleasant. Some of the crew are Starfleet. And some of the crew are Maquis. There is great mistrust. They’re not always as efficient or helpful because of these differences.

But they are united in that single goal of getting home.

This is the Church.

This capsule of humanity united in a purpose. Even united in the same purpose; the Church is filled with people on their way home.

Christians have a home that is not here yet. We’re looking forward to it, expecting it to come. We’re on board with people who all have different backgrounds. Even different philosophies and politics. But we’re united in our mission to get home. Whether we’re peasants, kings, soldiers, teachers, truck drivers, or whatever – we’re going home.

Where is home?

It’s not earth. Not for Voyager, not for the Church. Earth is the setting for home in both cases, but it is not home. The most important question isn’t where home is or what’s there for you. How are you getting home isn’t even as important as this, which has haunted me my whole life: Who?

Who is home? Janeway wants to be with her man. Harry misses his girlfriend and his parents. The Church wants to go home to be with its King, Savior, Redeemer, Creator. I don’t care where we are together, as long as we’re together. And since I’ve been brought into His family, nothing can stop me from getting to be with Him. I’ll go round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares maelstrom and round perdition’s flames before I give him up!

He went much further to attain me.


In this metaphor, I’m not really Janeway or Tuvok. They were at home, left, and are now going back. I’ve never actually been there. I’m only looking forward to it. In that sense, I’m more like Neelix or Kes. They heard of the wonders of home and joined in. Eventually, they’ll get another stowaway in Seven of Nine.

Until they get home, they’ll be spreading peace and justice everywhere. Even though the crew and their stowaways have a long way to go, they need to be acting like they’re already there. They need to stand for the same principles that they would stand for at home.

I had a whole thing about the holodeck being like prayer. Skip that. I’ll just rest on this thought: Who is home?



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