Happy Birthday to a Doctor Who voice actor!!

This voice actor is quite accomplished and has had numerous appearances on Doctor Who audio dramas.

He’s played Feldwebel Kurtz in Colditz, Col. Brimmecombe-Wood in Sympathy for the Devi and UNIT: The Wasting, the Caretaker in an adventure of the Shalka Doctor, Galanar in a Dalek story, Daft Jamie in Medicinal Purposes. He’s narrated 7 Doctor Who audiobooks and he even played a Time Lord in one story.

His performances span the adventures of the 6th, 7th, 10th Doctors and David Warner’s, Richard Grant’s, and Arabella Weir’s alt-Docs, and even a Brigadier solo story.

This man has paid his dues in the world of Doctor Who. So we wish a great big Happy Birthday to this guy for all of his work in the audio stories!


One thought on “Happy Birthday to a Doctor Who voice actor!!

  1. It’s good to see some love for the voice actors. Big Finish have put out a lot of good stuff starring some talented actors. It’d be nice to see one of them go on to greater success – starring in a Harry Potter film, for instance, or a historical drama. Heck, they might even go on to become a Doctor one day!

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