Geeks of Christ Presents…Friday the 13th (eek!)

Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, whatever from around the web. 

First. A scary one…

Horror, Gore, Fear, & the Christian…
by James Harleman

To me, this genre deals more overtly with the supernatural than any other genre, it tackles issues of good and evil more than any other genre, it distinguishes and articulates the essence of good and evil better than any other genre, and my feeling is that a lot of Christians are wary of this genre simply because it’s unpleasant. The genre is not about making you feel good, it is about making you face your fears. And in my experience, that’s something that a lot of Christians don’t want to do.

(Feel free to discuss…)

Reflections on Superman‘s Sad Decline
by Mike Romo

For many of us, Superman gave us power.  Your mom would cut out a piece of red fabric and tie it around your neck and you could fly.

The Holy Cosmos: The New Religion of Space Exploration
by Ross Andersen

In its iconography, astronauts are like saints that ascend into heaven and extraterrestrials are like gods—benevolent, kind, wise, capable of manipulating space and time.  

John Carter: Genesis of an Origin Story
by Jerry Whitworth

The Golden Age of comics was a mixed bag of genres given life on the four color page: traditional hero archetypes as that of Greek and Sumerian mythology, pulp fiction and radio costumed adventurers, and living embodiments of the red, white, and blue. 

Waiting to Avenge
by Scott Higa

Waiting is a part of life.
Some people do well with waiting and others do not.

I have a friend who hates waiting more than anything else. Every time I’m with him and we have to wait I just start laughing because I know what he’s thinking.

As I’ve shared before I am anxiously waiting the release of The Avengers.

A Princess of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Read by Mark Nelson

And, because I’m too cheap to go to the movies, I listened to this excellent and free reading of Burroughs’ first novel in the epic Barsoom series which inspired Disney’s big (though apparently good) flop. In fact, Librivox hosts free audiobooks of the first five Barsoom books as they are in the public domain. As of this writing, I’m nearly finished with the 2nd book, The Gods of Mars, and am loving every twist and turn! I’m surprised I haven’t read the books til now, but since I haven’t seen the movie yet either, my geek cred is technically still intact.

As a source for Adam Strange, I’m glad to finally explore these works. I was hoping the film would do great business and inspire an Adam Strange film (Leonardo DiCaprio currently owns the rights). But I think Mr Strange will have to find another way to justify his presence on the screen. His literary grandfather blazed no friendly trails for him, though he tried.

(One word of warning, the guy that reads the 2nd and 3rd book has the annoying habit of pronouncing ‘escape’ as ‘excape.’ This may not bother you. It does me. And quite a bit as Carter and friends continually find themselves imprisoned and therefore considering … escaping. It’s a lovely free service and I appreciate this man’s input. Just a friendly warning.)


Happy Birthday to Peter Davison!

Father to the Doctor’s daughter, father-in-law to the 10th Doctor, Dish of the Day at Milliways, former husband to Trillian, and charming personality behind the 5th Doctor!



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