Doctor Who: Aliens Of London / World War III 1.04/1.05

Here is the Guide for Parents!

Aliens called the Slitheen have infiltrated British government, intending to ignite World War III. This displeases the Doctor, who was in town visiting the “in-laws.” He finds that the bad guys don’t want to simply invade earth, but want to harvest all the valuable radioactive energy that would result from a worldwide war.

In between tedious scenes of human-suits being unzipped, these slimy creeps are found to not only be war-inducers, but also independent of the Slitheen government. They’re not at all representative of their race. The Slitheen orchestrating World War III are members of one family trying to get themselves out of debt. So earth’s big introduction to intergalactic life is just dull business for the aliens.

Mickey helps the Doctor crack some computer codes which allow them override the missile controls on a submarine. They shoot some missiles at the location of the aliens and the world is saved – not from being killed by aliens, but saved from being inspired to kill each other by the aliens.

The evil plot used by the Slitheen is illustrative of the way demons work.

That’s right. I’m jumping into demon-talk.

The Slitheen aren’t guilty of actually fighting this war – in fact, I’d say they’re not even guilty of starting the war! What they are guilty of is tempting the nations of earth. The humans (or at least, their government heads) would have been guilty of starting and fighting the war, had the Doctor not descended to the scene and diverted the aliens’ hostility toward himself.

Jesus’ brother James wrote, “each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed.” So the demons don’t actually do the bad thing, they only draw out the evil that’s already in our hearts by tempting us toward it. We’re not innocent doe-eyed angels forced into beating up our brothers, slandering our friends, cheating on our spouses, or starting wars with our neighbors. We already want to fight and sleep with the wrong the people. All that’s left for the demons to do is point and we’re ready to do some sinning!

The Slitheen do exactly the same thing. Their goal has nothing to do with satisfying our needs or desires. Their only goal is a selfish one and the way to it is to make humans do bad things. So they tell lies and point fingers at other countries. All this lying and tricking just to get us to do bad things, so we destroy ourselves.

But the story does not end there.

The Doctor comes down to expose the danger, dismantle it, and save us all!

Just like Jesus! Jesus showed us the danger we’re in, exposed the villains inspiring evil, bound up the enemy, and saved us from any bad things we have done, any bad things we might do, and any bad things done against us!

But I don’t think I’ll be watching these two episodes again anytime soon…



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