Star Trek : Where No Man Has Gone Before 1.01

The power of a god had better be given to someone who would use it well. Otherwise we’d be in a lot of trouble.

Compare Gary Mitchell’s use of power with Jesus’. Gary uses his power to isolate himself, rejecting his friends. Jesus uses it to heal people, raise them from the dead, make friends, and ultimately relieve his people of the eternal punishment awaiting them.

“That’s not a fair comparison,” you say. Why isn’t it? Is it because Gary is a fictional character? Fine. Imagine a real person given those powers. Just to be fair, imagine the purest, most fair, genial person you can think of.

I assume you’re thinking of yourself (ha!), so just imagine now what you would do with a superpower. You don’t have to say it aloud or anything, so you can be totally and embarrassingly honest.

Do your answers lean more toward hanging out with losers, like Jesus did, or is your list filled with peeks in the girls’ locker room and unlimited ice cream without gaining a pound and a force field to guard you from all the idiots that get on your nerves?

“It’s still not a fair comparison! Gary is just a man and Jesus is God.” Well, Jesus was also a man, tempted by all the things that tempt men. Just because he never gave in doesn’t mean that he wasn’t tempted. He still had the ability to sin, Jesus just never did. When it comes to the possibility of sinning, Jesus and Gary are in the same position.

So Gary’s use of power and Jesus’ use of power are fairly compared.

Gary used his power to deceive his crewmates, including his old best friend Captain Kirk. He isolated himself and mocked his former peers. He killed.

Jesus used his power to tell the truth, even to people like St Paul who used to arrest and kill Christians. Jesus integrated his life into the lives of others and he sympathized with people who would never be his peers. He brought people back to life.

Gary was buried under a rock pile. The self-proclaimed god got bonked on the head.

The only death more pathetic might be one preceded by mocking, torture, and abandonment.

The biggest difference between Gary and Jesus: Gary was a big talker, but once that rock hit his head he was down for good. Never got up again.


5 thoughts on “Star Trek : Where No Man Has Gone Before 1.01

  1. My absolute favorite moment from this episode is Kirk’s line: “Above all else, a God needs compassion!” I tell you, for a non-Christian character, James Kirk knows his theology 🙂

    • Ack! That line is in my notes and I somehow neglected to include it in the review! Ah well, I waited a little too long between viewing and writing I think.

      As usual, thank you for your thoughtful comments and continued interest!

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